Industrial Process Cooling Equipment

Standard and Customized Products To Meet Your Specific Needs

Central Water Chillers
Cooling Tower Cells
Portable Water Chillers
Sentra Temperature Control Units
Fluid Coolers
Providing chilled fluid from 20° to 70°F.
Portable Water Chillers to 40 tons and
Central Water Chillers to 300 tons.
Brewery Chillers to 210 horsepower.
Evaporative Cooling for fluid temperatures from 70° to 100°F.
Non-ferrous units to 540 tons
For circulating your chilled or tower water to your process. Polyethylene, epoxy coated & stainless steel reservoirs to 5,000 gallons.
Circulation units provide temperature stabilized fluid. Water units to 300°F. Oil units to 500°F.
Conserve water and energy by using ambient air to cool process water. Available from 35 to 500 tons.
Protect your investment with the proper filter.
Seven Reasons To Choose Advantage As Your Cooling System Partner
  • You want experience ... we bring more than 30 years of process cooling experience with knowledgeable application, product & service specialists available to discuss your needs. Our phones are answered by a human, not an answering machine robot.
  • You want information at your fingertips ... our web site provides detailed information on all of our products including PRICES. Download literature and manuals any time, night or day.
  • You want someone that understands your process ... we have experience in a wide range of process cooling industries including plastics processing, die casting, machine tool, vessel cooling and many more. You can trust our experience to get you the correct solution to your problem.
  • You want a product that fits your unique needs ... we offer a wide range of standard products, but standard products may not always fit your unique requirements. Our application specialists can suggest units that are customized to meet your unique needs.
  • You want specialized control ... we build our own system controls from tailor made embedded microprocessor based products to PLC options. System control makes the difference in your process repeatability, efficiency and reliability. Control and communicate with Advantage purpose built system controls!
  • You want energy efficient solutions ... our specialists are aware of the rising cost of energy and the pressure to reduce energy consumption and we offer many energy saving products that favor lifetime costs including variable speed pump & fan packages and energy efficient refrigeration products.
  • You want environmentally sustainable solutions ... the refrigerants used in our products won′t damage the ozone and are selected to minimize global warming.
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